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Policy statement

Dyson’s policy is to conduct all our business in a legal, ethical and responsible manner.

We recognise the necessity of environmental stewardship to the long-term sustainable growth of Dyson, through the protection of our employees, the people working within our supply chains, and the localities in which we operate. We must ensure that any business decisions consider the effect on the environment, and that any impacts are appropriately addressed and sufficiently mitigated. 

At Dyson we are committed to doing more with less by creating high-performing, efficient machines and technologies that use fewer resources. We are in the business of manufacturing; therefore we must address the environmental impacts of our products and our operations, and support our suppliers to do the same.

We are constantly looking to improve our impact on the environment. Dyson’s current environmental commitments include the following, but remain under review as we push harder to be better:

  • Measure the environmental impacts of our operations and products, set targets for improvements and monitor progress against those targets in areas including but not limited to energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and waste
  • Design products, packaging and behaviours using a mechanistic-based approach, to reduce adverse environmental impacts in production, use and end of life
  • Reduce primary material demand through the reduction, recovery and reuse of resources
  • Improve resource efficiency, targeting waste and addressing pollution across our global operations, including further adoption of renewable energy supplies
  • Ensure that employees have a level of knowledge and understanding appropriate to their environmental responsibilities and are aware of actions they can take to reduce their impacts
  • Support Contract Manufacturers, suppliers and subcontractors to adopt the same environmental commitments
  • Complete an annual review including progress against targets

These commitments are upheld by the Dyson Board with the support of Dyson’s Sustainability Team. The global challenge of protecting the environment will define the next decade. Dyson is committed to using its technology, people and influence to be part of the shift to a sustainable future.

We all have an individual and collective responsibility to ensure that Dyson contributes to the protection of the environment; it is simply the right thing to do.

  • Roland Krueger

    Chief Executive Officer

    August 2020