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Image of the new Flyaway attachment.
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Styling guides

Watch our quick, step-by-step guides to achieving your ideal style.

  • Volumised blowout

    See how to smooth and add volume to long, straight hair.

    Gentle air attachment
    Styling concentrator
    Flyaway attachment

    Included in

    Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer

  • Everyday blow dry

    Add  natural volume and create flicks.

    Gentle air attachment
    Smoothing nozzle
    Flyaway attachment

    Included in

    Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer

  • Flyaway attachment

    Learn how to use the Flyaway attachment to finish a style.

    Flyaway attachment

    Included in

    Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer

Image of the new Flyaway attachment.

Flyaway attachment for a smooth finish¹

The ideal finishing tool for sleek, straight styles. Hides flyaways under longer hair to give you a smooth, shiny finish¹. With just air.

Our latest technology hides flyaways in a single pass. For a smooth, shiny finish.

Inspired by professional stylists, the new Flyaway attachment harnesses the Coanda effect to lift longer hairs and hide flyaways. Giving you a smooth, salon finish, at home.

See how we engineered the new Flyaway attachment

Model using a Dyson Supersonic hair dryer.

Explore the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer

Frequently asked questions

Can I use the Flyaway attachment on any hair type?

 The Flyaway attachment should be used only on dry and straight hair or hair that’s been straightened.

How do I use the Flyaway attachment?

Hold the attachment at the top of your head until your hair is attracted to it. Then slowly run it along the length of your hair without pressing down on it. 

How do I style the back of my head?

Rotate attachment 45 degrees and slowly run it down the back of your head.  

What precautions should I take while removing or rotating the attachment?

The attachment can get hot if you’ve been using it for a while. So we recommend holding the edges when twisting or removing it.

What speed and heat settings should I select when using the Flyaway attachment?

We recommend high speed setting. Adjust the temperature to suit your hair type: lower temperatures for finer hair and higher for thicker hair types.

Can I use the attachment to create flicks?

Yes, you can. If you don’t want flicks, avoid running the attachment over the ends of your hair or go over the ends on a lower temperature setting.